Tools That Are Mostly Used For Package Designing

Packaging Design Tools

Packaging design uses functions and styles of visual arts to enhance the user experience at every interaction. Protection, carrying and product presentation is a focus of the role while form provides for the product inside, brings the brand promise to realism and enriches the experience of the user. The article gives details about the different designing tools of CGAs, Lead Frames, and MCMs.

The Wafer Level Mask Tools

Packaging Design Tools

Wafer tools reduce the time required to handle the layout of the wafer mask and to reduce errors from the manual approach. The Artwork developed software tools are automated, and they have mostly applied in Fan-in and Fan-out redistribution and directly build packages onto the wafer.

The accomplishment of the functions is through the help of GDS-SR tool that steps out for the required number of die across a wafer by knocking out or eliminating devices.

WLayGen is another powerful tool that reads reticle shot map characteristics from the foundry and also read wafer map formats to come up with a layout from the data. The exact location of each die on the wafer can be determined by overlaying the wafer map and shot map data.

LWDRC is a tool that provides a quick and less costly verification of the width of all lines gaps and all enclosure if they meet the design compared to a full DRC in integrated circuits.

StepVu converts ASML stepper control files and SINF wafer data to GDSII for measurement and display purpose.

Other tools included in this category are the Clipping or Knockout (HEextract) for the perfection of boundaries, GDSII Merger or Extract utilities (GDSFilt) used to remove or make an addition to unique features of wafer mask layers. There is an also automated documentation generator (WaferDoc or CellDoc) to help in speeding of documentation of wafer mask.

Last in the category the coordinates and size extractor called the Pad Coordinate Extraction (Mart Die) that works by scanning chips.

Tagger Or Wire Bond

Tagger facilitates a quick creation of documents in minutes by importing color and applies it and follows fast processes in an intelligent form to generate bond documents for the factory. The tool employs pattern recognition routines to locate bond points and number figures.

Smart Die

Smart Die extracts pad coordinates from the GDSII stream file provided by the IC designer using the designer’s knowledge of the layer location of the pad ring. The pad ring layer automatically changes to a DXF file by GDS@DXF interactions and imported directly into AutoCAD.

Completion of the process is in seconds. A die pad finds the die pads, their center coordinates, shape and size. The designer provides direction to the specific pads and the Smart die the pad numbers automatically and presented to a user defined file ready for output transformation.

Intelligent Importation From Autocad To APD (ACAD2APD)

ACAD2APD makes it easy and fast to import lead frames for AutoCAD drawings with the help of LayoutGen that add intelligence. The facilitation of conversion from AutoCAD to Cadence APD is because APD is an interface to tools used in a simulation.

AIF Format

AIF Format promotes simplification in describing of the die. It is a universal method for packaging design and wire bonding as data has a standard method to exchange data concerning die in simple, fast and efficient manner.


Ball map enables interpretation of ASCII data and make an import into Excel for BGA layout by users. BallMap makes cells for all ball pads and the signal identified is provided at the center point of the cell. Located outside the cells are the JEDEC names.


WLayoutGen is software that arranges in line wafer map parameters and shot map data enable the use of a template. Wafer map data read by this tool are merged with alignment parameter from shot map to come up with GDSII product with the correct position and the die type on the original wafer.


The 3DVU is a tool for modeling, viewing and for checking design rules unique for IC package designers. The device defines the geometric layout and outstanding properties including nets, pin and material information using the 3Di database.

The creation 3D design is by conductors and substrate analyzed data from 2D PCB tools. The 3D wires come from the 2D coordinates and introduction of the Z coordinate for an accurate sweep of the wire. 3DVU makes use of various instruments to make accurate models useful for the modern market.

They include 3D DRC for stable conversion of 2D to 3D, Object highlighting and 3D net tool for differential purposes and 3D Export tool to convert 3Di properties into Step parameters for a fast transfer of 3D objects to various mechanical tools for analysis.

Additional software in this tool is the Object Extraction item that provides a multiple choice of selections to select parts by objects or net. The user has the option to pick an item from the database according to the amount of data to simulate.

Bond Generator (Bondgen)

BondGen tool facilitates the creation of bond wire documentation package instantly. BondGen provides extracts of wires, the pads, rings and the die from a full art through AIF format to automatically give the layout, annotation, and labels of the bond document. It is also responsible for the printing of multiple page printing with a precise definition of the wire tiers.

Document Generator Docgen

The automated substrate generator tool is an AutoCAD intended application that enables quick creation of multiple pages in the AutoCAD for BGA substrate material. The software provides specifications, tolerance, dimensions and materials after the BGA design is ready. A standard model has 4 to 12 sheets and can withstand long production time. The tool uses simple dialogue boxes to produce several pages of one design in AutoCAD.


The FA4ST is synthesis package software designed to give advanced artists flexibility in pinpointing finger and ring geometry. It features support to staggered die pads, creation of typical die, getting the die pad by scanning their coordinates, supporting flip flops, tape package for finger lying between rows of balls, customized nest list output, support for chip on board and many others

Step And Repeat GDS-SR-GDSII

Packaging Design Tools

The GDS-SR step and repeat utility for wafer level mask quickly create and produce full wafer masks used in semiconductors and RDL packaging in an efficient manner. The service takes to die in GDSII format to step it and create a whole wafer mask by just fill in around wafer.


Also, the wafer map converter interprets wafer map format and changing them to DXF, SIN, and GDSII to give the precise coordinates of the device on the wafer. The utility is dictated the input parameters, the output object, transformations, die ID remapping and the particular graphical elements.

The RMapGen

The Reticle shot map converter accepts input parameters about reticle shot chart to convert into lays out formats such as DDSII and DXF. The task provides the die location and analysis of wafer information prompted to input information to give the output.

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