Packaging Materials For Ecofriendly Designs

Packaging  Innovations Introduction

Every kind of product that you purchase is likely to leave some form of waste. That sort of waste mostly is the kinds of packaging which we all throw away after we get the content or product which we wanted. All companies are trying to come up either innovation in packaging to put this waste under control. The main way is using Packaging Innovations material that is eco-friendly.

The packaging material can either be biodegradable and also recyclable. The focus is on saving the environment because with disregard to our surroundings; our very existence is under threat. Companies are coming up with new eco-friendly packaging designs as part of their bid to become socially responsible business operators.

Packaging Materials For Ecofriendly  Designs

Packaging Innovations Designing

The most significant factor to consider is the recyclability of the materials from which the packaging material or product is made. The most important factor to consider while coming up with innovations in packaging is their overall impact on the environment. If the material is fitted into a waste management life cycle, it results in positive effects on the climate whereas at the same time reducing the costs.

The second factor to consider is the toughness of the packaging materials. Innovations in packaging are trying to move away from obsolescence. A process known as down-gauging is used to make stronger and stiffer packaging material.It reduces the chances of the product in the package of getting damaged and in essence it also reduces wastage due to loss.

The third factor to consider is the lightness of packaging material. If the light in weight, it makes distribution more efficient and transportation cuts on the overall tons of waste that build up in the environment.

Finally, it’s important to look at the processability of the packaging materials. Processability aims at cutting down on waste and energy, reduce labor and material cost and increase productivity through the use of materials with more output and efficient processing.


Types Of Packaging Innovations

There are various categories of materials to consider while coming up with packaging innovations.One such category is plastics, which cannot be ignored in entirety. Polyethylene terephthalate is one of the valuable plastic materials to consider. Known as PET or RPET, it is made from previously recycled plastic has a resin identification of 1which makes it the most recyclable of plastics.

The second plastic to come into consideration is polypropylene (PP).PP is one of the most mixed plastics and can be found in almost in every market with products that are made of has a high melting point so can be used in making microwave containers, doesn’t react with many detergents, strong finally durable hence can withstand daily wear and tear.

These are the two most valuable plastics that stands on top of the eco-friendly scale if plastics are put into consideration. Their overall environmental impact is safest among plastics. There are many other natural products which are eco-friendly and serve as valuable alternatives to plastics. However they face a challenge since the eco-friendly designs are all about social and environmental benefits, but financial performance cannot be ignored.


Innovations in packaging using eco-friendly materials is an ongoing process and should be taken up by every company because of packaging materials from the primary source of waste in our environment.


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