How Land Surveying Helps in Factory Planning

Land surveying For Factory Planning

Land surveying is commonly known as the mapping and measurement of a particular region or area using specialized equipment, technology and also mathematics. Surveyors have the capabilities of measuring almost anything that lies on land, the ocean bed, and even the sky.

Land surveyors normally have their workstations either at the office or in the field. In the field, practical tasks that involve measurement are carried out. During field work, state of the art technology plays a significant role. The technology ranges from Theodolites (Robotic Total Stations), High-order GPS and also terrestrial as well as aerial scanners.

This equipment is the one used during mapping of an area, taking photographs as evidence and also making computations. When it comes down to office work, surveyors use the complicated software such as Autodesk or AutoCAD so as to draw the plans and also map the measurements taken in the field.

In the area of surveying, surveyors have the major responsibility of performing a variety of tasks that range from mining exploration, land subdivision, major construction, and tunnel building. So, as for surveyors, every day is never the same as they perform various tasks.

Amazingly, this is a very dynamic field or even career since you can work in different areas from time to time. Besides, surveyors are referred to as specialists when it comes down to the determination of land measurement and size. They are also consultants in a way as they do give guidelines and information so as to guide the work of the architects, engineers, and developers.

Surveying And Its Importance

Surveying Factory Planning

In the field of surveying, laser scanning is among the technologies that are in use when it comes to land surveying. When laser scanning is incorporated, accurate and detailed data comes about in a quick and efficient manner. The technology does not require a lot of workforces and is, therefore, cost-efficient.

Surveying is of great importance in today’s world since a majority of us depend on it with the main aim of ensuring order in the physical world that we co-exist in. Surveyors do play a significant role that is of great importance when it comes to land development.

Their primary tasks are like designing and planning of land subdivisions all the way to the final construction of roads, landscaping and also utilities. In any case about property and construction, surveyors are always the first ones to work on the site, as they are tasked with mapping and measuring the land.

Architects then use the first measurements taken by the responsible party with the sole aim of trying to understand and maximize the utilization of the unique landscape when carrying out design. The engineers come in afterward so as to accurately plan the structures in a safe manner so as to ensure that the buildings can fit in the landscape and the construction will be able to take place.

According to some expert surveyors, everyone keeping in check their assets so as to maintain healthy growth and control is advisable. Calibration, standardization, and control systems are also used in all industries when processing, measuring and storing data onsite, and as a result error sources become effectively minimized. With this as the case, it is also advisable to mark boundaries on the land, so that the edges may appear physically visible by the observers who may own pieces of land nearby.

Also, surveying is mainly important as it provides evidence that is of importance to title insurers so as to get rid of certain standard exceptions to the area covered and thereby provide a more detailed coverage of record matters that may come about by an accurate and comprehensive survey.

Such a process is of importance as it ensures that correction of errors is carried out and that the records are always up to date. These come about by getting rid of the older documents that were filed based on survey methods that were older and replaced them with the newer and more accurate data.

Camera Drones Used In Land Surveying

Land Surveying For Factory Planning

Apart from the land surveying and its importance, we are also going to discuss the use of camera drones in land surveying. In land surveying, Sensefly Ltd is among the manufacturers of ultra-light drones used for mapping (commonly known as UAVs).

The primary product that is mainly in use by professional land surveyors today is known as the eBee. The eBee is an advanced tool that is fully automated and used for geo-data collection. With such a device, the user only tasked with defining the area they need to map using the drone’s flight planning software and the drone is then launched manually and automatically collects high-quality images of the area under observation.

Furthermore, the drone has efficient post-flight software that can be used to gather together pictures and come up with highly accurate 3D elevation models and 2D orthophotos. Also, the data acquired can also be exported to other applications.

Hence, from the article, it is evident to note that land surveying information is clearly outlined. The use of camera drones and their capabilities has also been included. The camera drones that have been put into the discussion are manufactured by Sensefly limited. The capacity of the drones to has been discussed.


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