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ArtiosCAD Design Tool

Necessity has always been the mother of invention. That is why new software production occurs. An example of software that has been of great use in the design industry is the Computer-aided design software. The best example of a CAD software is the ArtiosCAD structural Design Tool.

The design tool is capable of both 2D and 3D designs. Since the software is meant for both architectural design and packaging. So, the discussion will now extend to the structural part that entails 2D and 3D design.

2D Design

Packaging Design Tool


This is a form of design that requires the structuring in a two-dimensional form. Different software has different capacities. As per the ArtiosCAD, the following are the functionalities in 2D mode:

The invention of new and unique designs in a short period is among the features of the Computer-aided design software. Model in such a short time comes about because of by the library which is part of the section of corrugated and folding carton styles.

The invention of various designs that are reusable is possible when using the unique drafting tools that are available in the primary designing tool.

Integration of the visual design files into the CAD model file is also among the key features when it comes to the two-dimensional layout.

Vectoring of the edges is enabled in any visual mode so as to produce an outline around the elements in range.

3D Design

Packaging Design Tool


This is a form of design that entails the structuring in a three-dimensional form. By use of the ArtiosCAD, you may enjoy the following features:

State of the art 3D design tools that allow fast folding of the final folded design for even complicated designs which have curved surfaces.

User-friendliness is among the key factors, therefore, allowing easy interaction with various design tools, maneuvering of fold angles and elements for quality inspection of folds, tucks, inserts, and fitments.

Simulation in a visual manner is possible. Also assembly and folding sequence of designs, assembly animation movies and creation of assembly instructions.

Creation of 3D models of primary products such as bottles, cans, bags, and glasses.

Fitting of imported 3D models, as well as 3D models created with the aid of ArtiosCAD, is also a feature under the 3D design category.

Furthermore, the ArtiosCAD has a display store that makes alluring display designs possible for everyone. Creation of the production ready displays is possible within minutes. You can enjoy such a feature just by downloading templates from a broad range of POP displays. The store also offers ArtiosCAD files optimized for cutting with a Kongsberg tables a mounting video comes with each design.


Importation of 3D models from various 3D design software such as CATIA, Siemens NX, SAT, Solid Works 3D among others. After the introduction of the 3D solid models into the ArtiosCAD, you may now create packaging by the imported products.

Exportation to 3D modeling programs such as STEP, XCGM or ACIS is among the features when it comes to 3D design.

Adobe Illustrator design program has an importation plug-in that allows the introduction of ArtiosCAD ARD files into the Adobe Illustrator design software, therefore, maintaining the ArtiosCAD layers and also every detail. Also, dedication tools are among the features so as to keep the CAD data in place in the Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator design program also has an exportation plug-in that allows exportation of visual data directly to ArtiosCAD. This feature mainly assists architectural designers who deal with the creation of CAD files that follow visual outlines.


You can calculate sheet layouts that have the lowest production costs.

Creation of coating blankets and die boards from a sheet layout for rotary and flat dies in a fast manner.

Creating individual counter plates in the form of a complete design can be done automatically.

Creation of top and bottom first waste separators and also the stripping sets is among the operations that can be carried out in a quick manner.

Tools for automation are available, and they help in the design of a single-piece steel counter.


 Packaging Design Tool

Improved integration between the Cape Pack palletizing software and the ArtiosCAD enables shifting from a packaging design to the ideal pallet scheme and vice-versa.

Moving visual and structural models from the ArtiosCAD to Cape Pack palletizing software for pallet solution.

All palletization data and pictures may appear in the ArtiosCAD reports.

The secondary and primary design solutions can be used to create correct-sized designs in ArtiosCAD automatically.

Enterprise Database

There is a central database that is accessible through the web. The database also has user login security.

You can retrieve as well as save all assets ranging from PDF, CAD, and even word documents.

The database is the full relational type and allows for quick searching.

The database is also available offline and allows automatic synchronization as well as database caching.

So, if you may feel the urge to use CAD design software, do not go farther for the ArtiosCAD is available and you are guaranteed to get the ultimate user experience.

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