Maintenance & Repair

Improving Preventive Maintenance On The Shop Floor

The best shop floors are those that provide the goods and machinery required for efficiency and effectiveness. Small differences in technology, work ethics, and plant management could make all the difference in the production levels. Small flaws could see manufacturing plants slip away from the competition.

Besides production levels, the employee accident incidents need to stay low or be preventable with the correct procedures in place. This is why it is so important to stay on top of developments and problems within the plant. The best way to do this is with scheduled preventive maintenance.

Topics Outline For Preventive Maintenance Planning and Shop Floor Improvements:

  • What is preventive maintenance?
  • Why should manufacturing plants implement new plans on the shop floor?
  • What approaches are there?
Maintenance & Repair

First Robotic Waste Sorting System

Maintenance & Repair The Waste Material

Many things are happening in the commercial world of cleaning and handling waste. Warehouses need to be safe for workers, inventory, and heavy machinery to move around and clear of obstructions. It should also be safe for workers such that they don’t contact any disease or health risk as a result of dust or exposure to industrial chemicals.

The best methods should necessarily combine superior cleaning technology with affordable equipment; this provides for efficient use of time and money. The sources of debris on an industrial floor vary from stocked material, and fuel spills wooden planks even forklift tires not to mention dust.

 All these sources of the waste make it difficult to maintain high standards of cleanliness. And …

Factory Planning In Heavy Industry

Designing For Manufacturing Guidelines

Various Steps For Factory Planning

We can make factory designs better by combining product design and process planning into a common activity to yield economic and process efficiencies for the client. The design is important because it affects 70% of the cost of a product while production only accounts for 20%. Thus, by catering to the design elements and principles for efficacy. It is possible to cut wastes, improve functionality while also cutting costs.

The following are the rules followed in factory planning, designing factories and assemblies to ensure that product features are perfect, purposeful and necessary, while design remains attractive useful and affordable.

Innovations In Packaging

Advantages of Flexible Packaging In Life

Innovations Packaging With Flexible Material

Flexible plastic packaging has been the most effective innovation in the field of packaging. The advantages of plastic innovations packaging are numerous. Be forming it into a different kind of shapes or preserving the flavor and safety of food for logistical aspects. All are cover under the flexible packaging.­­

Flexible packaging by definition is made from flexible material that can be packed, sealed and can retain the freshness of its content. Some advantages of this form the of packaging are:

Maintenance & Repair

Monitoring Motors and Gearboxes Using Thermal Imaging


Every object has a distinct heat signature. An object’s infrared radiation is used in thermal imaging to improve the visibility of objects in the dark. Thermal imaging receptors detect an objects rendition and create an image based on that information. Thermal imaging can penetrate any obscurants such as smoke, haze, and fog. Thermal imaging works for Maintenance & Repair without ambient light since it detects the heat signature of an object.

It uses a thermal camera (Thermal imager) which is a heat sensor that is capable of detecting the slightest differences in temperature.

Innovations In Packaging

The 3 Cs Method In Designing Packaging Improvements For Products

Innovations In Packaging Computer Design

Product packaging has proved to be a major problem for large companies that have to ship items. The packaged products come in huge boxes even for small products and also the protective Styrofoam, of which, recycling such products proves to be a problem.

Also, when it comes to big businesses that usually deal with large orders, sometimes it proves difficult to manage the large volume that is consumed by the boxes and also packaging materials. Packaging improvements are a key factor to reduce waste and space.

Innovations In Packaging

Innovative packaging styles and flexibility thanks to mandrel wheel technology

Innovations In Packaging With Style And  Flexibility

The packaging industry is among the areas that very view when edit comes to the sale of goods. The form of packaging used determines very many things such as preservation of the products and many more factors. Luckily, in the packaging sector, we have the mandrel wheel that is used for packaging purposes.

The wheel is reinvented so as to make it more efficient at what it does best. The evolution of the wheel was brought about by the necessity for better products in the industry. To start with, we will discuss the mandrel wheel concerning packaging.…

Packaging Design Tools

Best Tool For Stuctural Designing-ArtiosCAD

ArtiosCAD Design Tool

Necessity has always been the mother of invention. That is why new software production occurs. An example of software that has been of great use in the design industry is the Computer-aided design software. The best example of a CAD software is the ArtiosCAD structural Design Tool.

The design tool is capable of both 2D and 3D designs. Since the software is meant for both architectural design and packaging. So, the discussion will now extend to the structural part that entails 2D and 3D design.

Factory Planning In Heavy Industry

The 24th SMRP Annual Conference

Packaging Industry: SMRP Annual Conference

The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is holding its Annual Conference from 17th to 20th October. The function will take place in Jacksonville, FL; Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront with grace from various notable keynote speakers from different professional backgrounds.

As usual, the professional nonprofit organization’s conference will include attendance of educators, technical professionals as well as executives from all over the world. The common goal of the function is the sharing of experiences through education to facilitate growth and success of the careers of the attendants.…

Packaging Design Tools

Tools That Are Mostly Used For Package Designing

Packaging Design Tools

Packaging design uses functions and styles of visual arts to enhance the user experience at every interaction. Protection, carrying and product presentation is a focus of the role while form provides for the product inside, brings the brand promise to realism and enriches the experience of the user. The article gives details about the different designing tools of CGAs, Lead Frames, and MCMs.

The Wafer Level Mask Tools

Packaging Design Tools

Wafer tools reduce the time required to handle the layout of the wafer mask and to reduce errors from the manual approach.…

Innovations In Packaging

Packaging Materials For Ecofriendly Designs

Packaging  Innovations Introduction

Every kind of product that you purchase is likely to leave some form of waste. That sort of waste mostly is the kinds of packaging which we all throw away after we get the content or product which we wanted. All companies are trying to come up either innovation in packaging to put this waste under control. The main way is using Packaging Innovations material that is eco-friendly.

The packaging material can either be biodegradable and also recyclable.…

Factory Planning In Heavy Industry

How Land Surveying Helps in Factory Planning

Land surveying For Factory Planning

Land surveying is commonly known as the mapping and measurement of a particular region or area using specialized equipment, technology and also mathematics. Surveyors have the capabilities of measuring almost anything that lies on land, the ocean bed, and even the sky.

Land surveyors normally have their workstations either at the office or in the field. In the field, practical tasks that involve measurement are carried out. During field work, state of the art technology plays a significant role.…

Packaging Design Tools

3D Packaging Design Softwares That Most Companies Use

 3D Package Design Packaging Software

3D Packaging software has revolutionaries the work of professional visual artists to a significantly high level. Studio as a 3D packaging software provides a set of artistic design tools to bring in digital design a solid touch away from the boring flat world. The Studio will give better output whether the user is new or find more satisfying effects in the world of visual design.

The package is inspirationally fast and easily brings ideas live in 3D in a beautiful way to impress people. It is subscription based software cheaply available depending on your workload.

Realistic 3D Visuals Of High Class

3D Visualization Package Design Tools

Studio as a designing tool assists you to make digital designs to communicate with power. The package design tools …